About Our CosNDerm Store


CosNDerm is the brainchild of skin and hair care specialists with over 20 years of experience. We understand the need for products that combine the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and the gentleness of cosmeceuticals.

You are flooded with skin and hair products online and in stores that promise the moon and cost a bomb! How can you really know what’s inside the fancy packaging and behind the marketing blitzkrieg? On the other hand, we understand that pharmacy grade products are effective but are sometimes a bit tacky in preparation and mostly available in really small packs with high prices.

At CosNDerm, we want to bridge this gaping divide between the two categories. Our products are designed to mix the best of both categories. We give you the most effective products with great quality, big pack sizes and superb feel.

So are CosNDerm products all natural or all synthetic? Well, it’s a marriage of Nature and Science!! All CosNDerm products contain effective medical grade molecules that are well researched, with loads of scientific, published literature backing their effectiveness, as well as natural agents that have been known in different cultures, over ages, for their delicate and wonderful effects on skin health. That’s why CosNDerm gets you Really effective combinations that are Really safe!