The Top Three Commandments for Great Skin – By Dermatologists!

Healthy skin is always in! But there’s just so much information about skin care, that it’s mind boggling! That day cream, that night serum, the eye gel and that lip balm! Where do you start and when do you stop? Well, CosNDerm founders, our dermatologist team, gets you the Top 3 things to do for…

See This! Vitamin C!

When we approached  our dermatologists for an interview on Vitamin C, they rolled up their sleeves, eyes twinkling, all excited, and exclaimed, “Here goes..” :))   Who needs Vitamin C? Everyone who’s started showing signs of ageing. Practically everyone over the age of 30. Signs like sun spots, fine lines, skin laxity and sallow complexion. …

The perfect Vitamin C preparation. Is there any?

Well, we couldn’t wait much longer! Dr. B and Dr. E had promised us more on Vitamin C preparations and so we caught them to tell us a bit before they rushed off to see more patients.    Is Vitamin C available in different forms? It is.  Commercial preparations of Vitamin C are available as…

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